How to Reduce Electricity Bills and Still Beat the Heat

31-01-2018 | by Toshiba Air Con
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Summertime is a sure favourite for some. The sun is shining and the time calls for family barbecues, beach fun and road trips.

But what happens when the temperature skyrockets and all you want is to stay cool? Can you beat the heat without breaking the bank?

Our easy tips will keep you cool and reduce your energy bills during summer:

How to keep your house cool

  • Start off by keeping the heat outside, so seal all cracks, doors and windows.
  • Block off harsh, direct sunlight with indoor blinds or curtains.
  • Close off unused rooms before turning on your air conditioner.
  • Whenever possible, reserve heat generating activities for cooler times of the day (i.e. running your dishwasher overnight).
  • Consider outdoor blinds to help keep heat away from windows.

Know your air conditioning needs

  • Save hundreds of dollars on future power bills by replacing an old model with a new, energy-efficient If more than 15 years old maybe look at upgrading to a more energy efficient newer model
  • Choose the right air conditioner to suit the size of your space.
  • Consider an inverter air conditioner for longer life and lower energy and servicing costs.
  • Turn on the air conditioning early, at a moderate temperature then adjust the temperature lower only if the heat outside increases dramatically. This means that the air conditioner is working at a steady rate.
  • Set your temperature wisely, for every degree cooler it can cost you more.
  • Keep your owner’s manual
  • Service your unit regularly and clean or replace filters as necessary.

Be energy (and wallet) smart

  • Reduce your water heating costs by lowering the temperature of your heater, taking shorter showers and washing your clothes in cold water.
  • Remember to turn off lights whenever leaving the room.
  • Switch to CFL and LED lights for further savings and to avoid heat build-up.
  • Keep your energy bill low with
  • Ensure you have the best rate by comparing electricity providers.

If you need help making the right choice, visit our website to view our extensive range of air conditioning solutions or call 13 COOL and talk to one of our specialists.

Every little bit counts and, by putting these cost-effective measures into action, you will transform your home into a sanctuary of cool this summer. Your bank account will thank you, and so will planet earth.