Where should your split system air conditioner be installed

05-05-2021 | Where should your split system air conditioner be installed?

There are a fair few things you’ll need to think about when buying and installing a split system air conditioner. Choosing the right location in your home to install your unit should be one of the most important considerations – along with the brand, size and type of air conditioner you choose. But where in […]

Maintaining your split-system air conditioner

04-05-2021 | Top maintenance tips for your split air conditioning systems

With proper maintenance, your split system air conditioner will last for years longer. It will also run more efficiently, heat and cool more effectively and continue running quietly and smoothly. But what does proper maintenance look like? It’s simple. All you need to do is spend a few minutes every two weeks cleaning, and book […]

Single Split System Air Conditioner

23-03-2021 | How long is my air conditioner’s warranty?

Keep your receipt next time you buy an air conditioner because chances are, it’s covered under warranty. That means if it breaks or its faulty, you may be able to get it fixed or replaced free of charge – simple as that. In fact, Toshiba Air’s residential and light commercial ranges all include warranties so […]

17-02-2021 | What’s the best air conditioner for your home?

Here in Australia, our hot summers and chilly winters mean that you’ll need an air conditioner if you want to be comfortable year round. The problem is, not just any air conditioner will do and there are thousands of options to choose from. To help you choose the best air conditioner unit for your home, […]