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Toshiba’s range of reverse cycle air conditioners and reverse cycle air conditioning units are designed for flexibility in application and with a low operating sound level and improved air quality.

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So you get all round comfort plus precise temperature control, in a reverse cycle air conditioning unit which is sleek, stylish and backed by the famous Toshiba Air Conditioning warranty and support. All of Toshiba’s residential air conditioning units have reverse cycle technology, so no matter what system you choose, you will be prepared for every kind of weather. Contact a dealer.

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The benefits of reverse cycle air conditioner technology

Reverse-cycle air conditioner technology enables your air conditioner to both heat and cool, all in one effective, energy-efficient unit. This makes it easy to stay comfortable year round, even in the depths of winter or the middle of a hot summer.

The benefits of reverse cycle air conditioner technology include:

Unlike most heaters, reverse-cycle systems don’t create or remove heat. Instead, they extract heat found in the air and move it either inside your home to keep it warm, or outside your home to keep it cool. This is a far more energy-efficient way to control your home’s inside air temperature.

Choosing the right reverse-cycle air conditioner

There are three options to consider when choosing a Toshiba reverse cycle air conditioner for your home: a single-split system, a multi-split system and a ducted reverse-cycle air conditioner.

Single-split system reverse-cycle air conditioners are a great option for most Australian homes. They’re ideal if you want to efficiently heat and cool one space, such as a living room or bedroom.

Multi-split system reverse cycle air conditioners are ideal if you want to efficiently heat and cool multiple spaces throughout your home. These systems usually have one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor hi-wall units.

Ducted reverse-cycle air conditioners are the best options when you want to heat and cool multiple rooms throughout your home without having a hi-wall unit in each room. Instead of a wall-mounted unit, these systems use low profile ducts, which blend into your interior to circulate air.

Can’t decide which reverse cycle air conditioner is right for your home? Find and contact a specialist Toshiba Air Conditioning dealer near you for expert advice tailored to your space.