SHRMe – 3 pipe heat recovery VRF System

About Toshiba’s SHRMe – 3 pipe heat recovery

Toshiba’s SHRMe puts the emphasis on evolution driving excellence in energy savings, expansion in capacity line up and enhancement in applications. Together, they offer professionals and users faster design, installation and commissioning plus air comfort with enhanced quality and reliability.



SHRMe – 3 pipe heat recovery

Piping design flexibility

With its new multi-flow selector units, the SHRMe expands capacity line up with fewer connections for faster and simpler installation. It also offers extended piping length of up to 50 metres from multi-flow selector to indoor unit.

Total piping length

Toshiba’s piping technology allows for system flexibility and ease of installation and with the SHRMe system, the level of flexibility has increased, giving more options to the contractor and installer alike. SHRMe has a maximum piping length reaching 1,000m.

Height between indoor units

A maximum vertical distance between indoor units which reaches up to 40 metres.

Farthest equivalent length

The maximum equivalent distance between outdoor unit and farthest indoor unit tops at 200 metres.

*1000m for 34HP and above 300m for under 34HP.
** 22.4 to 56kW = 185m. 61.5 to 112kW = 195m. 120kW = 200m.
*^ 40m when outdoor unit is above. 15m when outdoor unit is below.



Key Technologies

1. Twin Rotary Compressor


The Toshiba DC Twin Rotary Compressor is compact and reliable with a wide operating range. It utilises two rollers rotating together making accurate compressor rotation possible, and the low oil release method combines to deliver higher performance efficiencies, and peaceful operation.


DLC coated dual vane reduces friction due to increased hardness and high adhesion of the material.

2. Heat exchanger

Toshiba’s 3-row heat exchanger design, with reduced pipe size from 8mm to 7mm and increased total number of passes, improves both system performance and efficiency.
While the 3-row heat exchanger design allows the outdoor unit to automatically select the most suitable heat exchanger size and precisely matching the indoor capacity load, its 4-sided design ensures maximum possible flow rate across the entire coil, improving system efficiency.


Height between outdoor unit to indoor unit

SHRMe’s enhanced piping capabilities result in more benefits for the system design, installation flexibility, as well as the less installation costs at 200** metres (maximum distance between outdoor and farthest fan coil).


Through non-stop development, improvements have been made to the twin rotary compressor as the introduction of new technology, SHRMe, saves on energy achieving an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) as high as 8.09 and COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 5.66.






3. Propeller fan

Toshiba’s bat wing fan design increases the delivery of air volume while the anti-eddy ribs and rubber sealing rings work in harmony to reduce air resistance thus achieving quieter operation.


4. Intelligent VRF control


The advanced intelligent VRF control continually adjusts the operation of both indoor and outdoor units, based on the feedback from multiple sensors.
While the refrigerant flow to each indoor unit is precisely controlled by the outdoor unit ensuring a more even capacity distribution throughout the system. Plus the evaporative and condensing temperature is automatically adjusted to maintain optimum indoor room temperature, regardless of the unit’s load or its physical distance from the outdoor unit.