Toshiba Air Conditioning’s aim is to offer society eco-friendly products and contribute to society with business activities that reduce environmental burdens.

We understand that people living today have a basic duty to pass down our irreplaceable global environment in a healthy state to our children, and this attitude guides our environmental initiatives.

Promotion of environmental management

  • Taking the environment as one of our most important management issues, we pursue environmental initiatives that are harmonised with economic interests.
  • We evaluate our business activities, products and services for their environmental impact, and pursue environmental initiatives after setting objectives and targets for reducing environmental burdens and preventing pollution.
  • We continually improve environmental management by performing audits and reviewing activities.
  • We comply with environmental laws as well as industry and other guidelines and voluntary standards to which we subscribe.
  • All employees work to enhance each other’s environmental awareness.
  • As a global enterprise, we conduct environmental initiatives as a group.

As an Earth-bound enterprise

  • We contribute to society through our environmental initiatives, developing and offering outstanding environmental technologies and products and working in partnership with communities.
  • We actively disclose information and communicate to promote mutual understanding.

Reducing environmental burdens through eco-friendly products and services and business activities

  • Recognising that the Earth’s resources are limited, we take proactive environmental measures that promote effective use of both products and business processes.
  • We offer eco-friendly products and services that reduce environmental burdens throughout their life cycles.
  • In all business processes—design, production, logistics, sales, disposal, etc.—we endeavour to reduce environmental burdens by helping prevent global warming, making effective use of resources and managing chemicals.
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