What’s the best air conditioner for your home?

17-02-2021 | by Toshiba Air Con

Here in Australia, our hot summers and chilly winters mean that you’ll need an air conditioner if you want to be comfortable year round. The problem is, not just any air conditioner will do and there are thousands of options to choose from.

To help you choose the best air conditioner unit for your home, we’ve taken a closer look at everything you need to consider when making a decision.


What is the best type of air conditioner for my space?

There are several different types of air conditioner available and you’ll need to know a little bit about them to make sure you choose the right one:

  • Split system air conditioner: this type of air conditioner has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected by pipes. These are the most common air conditioners in Australia and are ideal for controlling the temperature of a single room or open plan areas up to 70 sqm.
  • Multi-split system air conditioner: these are just like split systems except with more than one indoor unit connected to a single outdoor unit. Multi-split systems are ideal for heating multiple rooms (up to a maximum of five per outdoor unit).
  • Ducted air conditioner: ducted air conditioning systems have both outdoor and indoor units like split systems. The difference is that the indoor units are hidden in the walls or ceiling of your home. These are ideal for when you want to heat and cool multiple rooms without having several indoor units on the walls of your home.

The best air conditioner for your home will depend entirely on the layout and size of your property, your budget and your preferences.

For most, a single split system air conditioner is sufficient, while others with several rooms that all need to be temperature controlled will go for a multi-split system. If the way your home looks is important to you and you want total control over the temperature in every room, it may be worth investing in a ducted system.


What size air conditioner is best for my home?

The best, most efficient air conditioner unit for your home is one that’s the right size and power for your space. But what does the ‘right’ size and the ‘right’ power actually look like?

One that’s too small may need to run at full capacity to maintain your chosen temperature increasing wear and tear and decreasing efficiency. A unit that’s too big for your space may cost you more and use more electricity.

The power or output of air conditioners is measured in kilowatts or kW – meaning 1,000 watts. Here’s a rough guide to help you figure out what size of air conditioner will be best for your home:


Room size Example kW output
Under 15 m2 Home office 2 to 2.5
15 to 25 m2 Guest room 2.5 to 3.5
25 to 50 m2 Lounge or dining room 5 to 7
More than 50 m2 Open plan living space 8 to 10


Which features should I look for in an air conditioner unit for my home?

Inverter air conditioning technology is a must-have if you’re buying a new unit for your home. This technology enables you to moderate the speed of your air con’s compressor to maintain a constant temperature. This is different to non-inverter air cons, which can only run at full power and turn off and on to maintain a constant temperature. Inverter air cons are more efficient and effective than non-inverter air cons.

Aside from inverter technology you should also look for:

  • Air filtering: some air conditioners have the ability to use high tech filter technology to clean air and prevent mould from forming in the unit.
  • Self-cleaning: moisture and grime can build up inside your air con making it less efficient. Look for an air con with a self-cleaning function so that this doesn’t happen.
  • Sleep modes: during the hot Australian summer, you may want to run your air con overnight to keep you cool. Look for an air con with quiet and/or sleep modes to make sure you’re comfortable.

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