Cassette Air Conditioner Type

Toshiba’s discreet Cassette AC systems are suitable for use in wide range of applications such as shops, restaurants and small offices. With a stylish appearance, the Ceiling Cassette System fits with interiors where design is as important as functionality.

Cassette air conditioners suit all standard ceilings and have been designed for simple and easy installation and maintenance since the electrical box is located inside the unit. Compact and with the ability to fit perfectly into ceilings while matching architectural modules the cassette ceiling air conditioner range by Toshiba will provide excellent energy efficiency and reliable functionality.



Ceiling cassette air conditioner key benefits

Toshiba’s range of ceiling cassette air conditioners are built to be cost effective and easy to use. Most importantly, they are designed to control the temperature throughout a large space, or multiple spaces, year-round with high level of accuracy.

Cost effective installation

The Toshiba ceiling cassette air conditioner is designed to make installation as simple and cost effective as possible. The units are lightweight and compact, built to fit right into most ceiling cavities, without the need to cut ceiling tiles.

Efficient heating and cooling

Every Toshiba ceiling cassette air conditioner has been built with energy and cost efficiency in mind. High-tech innovations, including advanced inverter technology, mean that these systems are able to run at 50% load at most times providing considerable energy savings.

Low profile design

Toshiba’s range of ceiling cassette air conditioners are ideal for restaurants, office buildings, hotels and other commercial spaces. Their low-profile design allows them to seamlessly fit into any space’s design.

Easy to use

All of Toshiba’s ceiling cassette air conditioners feature a wide range of features that make them intuitive and easy to use. They’ll keep your space so comfortable, you may even forget they’re there.

R32 Refrigerant

R32 systems are more efficient as they require less refrigerant than R410a systems and because R32 is not mixed with other refrigerants, it can be recycled. Using R32, we offer a better refrigerant combined with Toshiba’s renowned high-level of performance and efficiency.

Ceiling cassette air conditioner key features

Smart Airflow

Individual louver control enables airflow to be chosen according to user preferences. The angles of each louver can be set individually in 3 different choices of swing patterns: Standard swing, Dual swing and Cyclic swing.





Built-in Condensate Drain pump

Equipped with a built-in drain pump with a pressure lift of 850 mm, increasing flexibility and installation speed.

Light Weight Unit

fast, easy installation. The bolt for panel attachment is already installed on the indoor unit to make installation as simple as possible.

Standard to High Ceiling Application


Low noise level:

Quiet comfort year round.

Individual louvre control:

Angles of each of the four louvres can be set individually so that airflow can be chosen according to user preferences.