Air Con - Commercial Controller


RBC-AMS55E-ES Air Conditioner


The RBC-AMS54E-ES is a local remote controller with built in 7 day timer featuring a multi-language LCD display, backlit energy saving option and a return back feature. A maximum of 8 indoor units can be grouped together and controlled from this device.


  • Wired controller – controller is secured to the wall and can never be displaced
  • Backlit – for ease of use during the day and night
  • Energy saving function – the controller can be set into power saving mode which is anywhere between 50-100% of full operating mode. The lower the value is set, the more power will be saved
  • Quiet operation – the indoor unit can operate at a lower noise level. This occurs as the fan speed can shift lower, thereby reducing the sound of the indoor unit
  • Set temperature range – set the minimum and maximum limit for each type of operation including heat, cool, dry and auto to cover for all variances in weather
  • Off reminder function – a timer can be set for the indoor unit to switch off each day. Once set, the indoor unit can never accidentally be left on when on-one is home
  • Key lock – locks the controller so the temperature is stable and unable to be changed, resulting in a constant temperature with no variations
  • Large buttons – for simple and easy operation
  • Night operation – reduces the operating noise of the outdoor unit when quieter operation is required at night
  • Weekly schedule timer – convenient for setting schedules on weekends and weekdays
  • Several language operation – multi functional with 11 language options