BKV Inverter Hi-Wall Split System 2kW-7kW

Inverter Hi-wall Systems

Advanced technology, ingenious features and attractive design – Toshiba’s BKV series of split system air conditioners raise the standard of air conditioning with a high level of comfort. Comfort that comes with quiet operation and optimum airflow management system, whilst the superior filtration system allows you to breathe cleaner air.



  • Designed for durability – The clever PCB housing of the outdoor unit with its smart perforated design, allows the PCB to breathe and do its job controlling the air conditioner. It also keeps out many of those pesky insects, reptiles and rodents common in many parts of Australia that seek refuge, particularly during cold nights.
  • DC inverter system designed to use electricity efficiency and effectively.
  • Reverse cycle heating & cooling.
  • Aqua resin coated coil – helps to reduce the formation of water and oil on the coil as well as minimising mould and dust accumulation.

  • 13% bigger fan coil unit* combined with 10% increase in heat transfer surface resulting in airflow that cools the room quickly.
  • Self-cleaning operates in dry and cool modes.
  • R410A refrigerant non ozone depleting refrigerant.

  • 6 x Left and Right swing options – Wide, Centre/Left, Centre Right, Left, Centre, Right, great for large rooms.*^
  • 8º degree indoor operation ambient for cold nights. Additionally can be a cost effective solution to reduce defrost and faster minimum ambient temperature of 18º⁰ degrees.
  • Auto restart the unit will restart automatically in the same operating mode, when power is restored after a power failure.
  • 7 year warranty for consumer confidence.
  • Easy maintenance – all the components are designed for easy maintenance both in removal and reassembly.

*compared to the Toshiba N3KV-A series
*^only available on units RAS-18BKV-A1, RAS-22BKV-A1 & RAS-24BKV-A1
^*use only warm water for cleaning, no detergents

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