The SHRMi (Super Heat Recovery Multi) is Toshiba’s exceptional energy efficient solution for mixed heating and cooling requirements. The advanced 3-pipe technology enables heat recovery between indoor units for unprecedented economy and performance, meaning you can simultaneously heat and office space while cooling a boardroom.

Toshiba’s intelligent systems work collaboratively to provide optimum operational efficiency for precise temperature control and more energy recovery than individual heating and cooling alone.



SHRMi Specifications

SHRMi System illustration of heat and cool

1) Simultaneous heating and cooling 
The SHRM-i allows freely selectable heating and cooling from each indoor unit on a single refrigerant piping system.

Flexible refrigerant flow
The flow selector unit can automatically shift the flow of refrigerant carried to the indoor unit, thereby switching between heating and cooling modes. Recovered energy from one unit can be used to supply another unit on the same system.

Heating and cooling illustration

More efficient heat recovery operation than individual heating and cooling only
SHRM-i achieves the highest energy efficiency when both heating and cooling are provided simultaneously, as recovered energy from one zone is recycled for use in another. Highest efficiencies are achieved when heating and cooling capacities are near equal.

Heat Recovery illustration

World-class EER and COP at partial load
Adopting the new super-efficient DC twin-rotary compressors and advanced vector-controlled inverters realizes a partial load COP of 5.63 and EER of 6.02 on the BHP model.

EER and COP at partial load illustration

Infinity variable control illustration

2) Smart innovations enable ultra-efficient operation
Intelligent systems work collaboratively to provide optimum operational efficiency.

Infinity variable control
Ultra-precise inverter controls the compressor rotation speed in 0.1 Hz increments, allowing for fine control over operational loads.

Rotary compressor
Unlike scroll compressors that have to initially exceed capacity in order to achieve target partial load, the rotary compressors can efficiently achieve the same target load with little energy loss.

Rotary compressor graph

Precision comfort
What truly makes the SHRM-i one the most flexible solutions available is its ability to provide simultaneous heating and cooling. Temperatures can be controlled and maintained precisely throughout the day. Room temperature is monitored and the air conditioning mode is switched to maintain the ideal temperature. As a result, temperature fluctuations are maintained within just± 1.5c.

Comfort and precision illustration

3) Flexible piping configurations mean ease of installation and flexible design
A key advantage of the SHRM-i system is its installation flexibility. Flexible piping configurations allow unsurpassed installation ease. With only a small footprint outdoors, indoor air conditioning units can be placed at a farthest equivalent distance of 200m.