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02-10-2017 | Apartment-Ready Air Conditioner Design

The Textbook Cooling & Heating Solution for Architects The air conditioner has gone through many technological developments over the years, and these days we can almost forget how large, expensive and noisy the units of the past once were. Before they became reliable everyday appliances that occupy almost no space in most homes across Australia, […]

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02-10-2017 | Apartment-Ready Air Conditioners

The Best Cooling Solutions for Developers With an ever-growing population, it is no surprise apartment developments in Australia have become such a popular choice among consumers. Whether building a small apartment block, a luxury skyscraper or an office tower, developers are the decision-makers behind which cooling and heating solutions they will offer to their clients. […]

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02-10-2017 | Air Conditioner Functionality at its Best

The Textbook Cooling Solution for Mechanical Engineers Mechanical Engineers understand that elements such as environment, properties, temperature, humidity and velocity must all be taken into account when creating a new air conditioning system. Combining these components harmonically is paramount to achieve optimal results and ensure the comfort and health safety of the end user. At […]